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The Campaign Performance tab includes a variety of reporting widgets showing the engagement of recipients with Emails and Landing Pages in your Campaign, this includes:

Total Email Metrics

  • Emails Sent – how many emails were sent.
  • Emails Opened – what percentage of those emails were opened.
  • Email Links Clicked – how many links were clicked in the emails.

Total Landing Page Metrics

  • Page Views – how many visits your landing pages received.
  • Anonymous Views – number of page views from unknown visitors.
  • Known Visitors number of known visitors to the page.
  • Form Submissions – how many users completed your landing page forms.
  • Form Conversions what percentage of the visitors to your landing page(s) completed the form(s).
  • Leads Won – how many leads were promoted to accounts with an account state of won.

Page views by referrer

A graphical view of the number of page views by search engine.

Emails – Opened vs Link Clicks

Number of opens and clicks for each link.

Landing Pages – Page Views vs Form Submissions

Stats by Landing Page shows the Landing Page visits with number of Forms submitted. 

Total Landing page Metrics by Date

A timeline view to summarising the number of Page Views, Clicks and Form submissions by date.

You can select the timeline view required, All Time, Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months or Custom to select a date range.

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