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Folders can be added to Campaigns, Emails and Landing Pages to organise and easily find items.  

Folders are optional and can be set when creating templates, new emails, landing pages, campaigns or generic elements.

Creating a new record

To use Folders when creating a new record you can type the beginning of the name of the pre-existing folder into the appropriate drop down to find what you are looking for or use the arrow to open the drop-down list.  

The ‘create a new folder’ option will appear when you type a name into the drop-down that Marketing doesn’t recognise: 

Managing Folders

Templates, Campaigns, Emails and Landing pages have a folder section in the Filter list: 

New Folder

To create a new Folder Click on the + Icon.    

Enter a Folder Name and click Create.

Folder Settings

Click on the Settings Icon.  



Select the Folder and click on the Edit icon to amend the name and Save.

Or Click on the Delete Icon to Delete.   


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