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Landing Page Forms

Landing pages can contain forms, the data from which will feed back into as a lead into a Gold-Vision Lead List. 

In the  Design tab, Edit your Template and drag a form content block onto your design and then you can amend the fields as required.

Click Edit to display the Edit options. 

Here you can change the field Label, set the Field Type, enter a Placeholder and set Mandatory, and Read only options. 

Once you close your design a new Forms option is added to the pages at the top of the screen with options to be completed before you can publish your landing page.

Click on the pencil icon at the bottom right.

Form Name – Give your form a name.

Provider – the URL will automatically default in this field and can be updated. 

Lead List – Click on the Lead list option to have form submissions appear in that Lead List in Gold-Vision CRM. 

Redirect URL –  is the web page that you wish the user to see once they have submitted the form.

You may wish to design a specific landing page for this purpose, with a thank you or an offer, or back to your business web site. 

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