Using Gold-Vision


Email Merge Fields

You may also choose to add in ‘Merge fields’ which would then pull that value from your Gold-Vision. E.g., a recipient’s name or an order date, customer reference number or use an expiry date of a subscription or licence key from their profile.

These can be taken from previously defined Merge fields against your Brand or set up on the fly as you send your Emails. 

Double click on text in your email to see the text properties.

Click on Merge Field.

Start typing to search for your Merge fields or to create a new one.



Using a Merge Field in your Design will add a Merge Fields button at the top for you to set the corresponding field name from CRM.

To save changes, click on the Finish Editing option or Save as New Template. Alternatively, to undo changes made, simply click on the Discard Changes button.

Once your design is saved,  you can enter a sender’s name and email address and a subject line for this Email.



Both sender and subject line can have multiple options which will be used randomly, which can improve deliverability of your Email.

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