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Email Templates

Email Templates

Use the Email Templates tab to view or add templates to your brand to be used in your Campaigns. 


Visit General Navigation for information on how to use the Search, Folder and Tag options on this list.  

New Template

Create a new template using the New Template button or the option in the list.  

Give your Email Template a name and optionally assign it a Folder or Tag it if you wish. Note that you can either search for pre-existing folders or tags or create them on the fly.  

Choose a starting point for your Email template. You can use either a blank or a predefined layout or click on the Themes option to choose from a selection of Themes which provide a fully pre-designed template including formatting and imagery for you to adapt.

Scroll to the bottom and click on Create to view your template: 

Template Design

Link to Current help Site or lift structure TBC ??? 

Version Control

Email and Landing Page Templates now have Version Control. A new template will be a draft until it is approved: 

If you choose to just save your changes, the template version remains as a draft. You can access the version history by clicking on the Version Control list at the top left of the screen.

The most recent information about updates to the template are displayed next to this box. 

Once you are happy with your template, clicking on Save and Approve will set the Version Control to be Approved. 

You can create another draft template from this approved version using the Save as new draft button. 

Element Options

Buttons at the top of the design section allow you to toggle the view of your template between Show Mobile and Show Desktop views.  

Show/Hide Structure will display the widths of your elements and their padding within the template.  

Elements can be set to Hidden (perhaps to display on Desktop but not when the recipient views on Mobile) and these can be displayed for the view using the Show Hidden Elements option.  

Show/Hide Merge Field Previews (only on Email Templates) to see or hide Merge fields used in your templates.

See Merge Fields to add fields from your CRM to your Brand.

Template Settings

Click on Settings at the top of the screen to edit the name or assign tags to your template: 

Preview Options

When viewing an email template, clicking on Show Preview at the top of your screen will allow you to view your design at different screen resolutions, or preview in dark mode: 


For a Landing Page template, switch between Desktop and Mobile view or use Dark Mode Preview: 

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