Using Gold-Vision

The Basics

Ranked List

The Ranked List view allows you to impose your own order on Projects, Activities & Profile records.

Create a Ranked List

To create a Ranked List open a Project, Activity or Profile list, click Views – Select Ranked List.

Adding a Rank Value

To add a Rank Value select a record, click on the Inline Edit icon then – Move to Top or Move to Bottom icons to re-order and update the Rank Value.

Once you have created a Ranked List you can save the list using Actions – Pin to Menu or Pin to Home Page.

You can use the Rank Value fields to create widgets, dashboards & reports.


To add the Rank Value field Colum to a list in – Settings List Designer – Open the List – click on Actions button  – Select Manage Options – Look for the Rank Value in Optional Headings – Click on the + icon to add to the visible list and Save.  Add the Colum to your list.   See viewing & editing Lists.

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