Using Gold-Vision

The Basics

Using Sites

Assign a Site to Gold-Vision records

Sites can be assigned to different Gold-Vision Records. As default Gold-Vision will assign the Primary Site to all new records. Users can then choose a different Site:


Other than for Account and Contact Records Administrators will have to add the Site field on the screen design of the required item. To find out how visit Configuring Sites.

Assign a different Site:

Access the Gold-Vision record, click Edit then click the Search icon against the Site field, select the required Site then click Save.

Add Links to a Site

Setting links and relationships between Site records and other Gold-Vision items can be done by clicking the links icon on the Site menu. Select the item type that you would like to link to the Site, select the Relationship then click Add:

Using Site Template Tags for Document Production

Site address fields can be included in Document Templates. For every Gold-Vision record where Templates are being used to generate Documents, the System Administrators will be required to select the tags for the Site address fields they need on the document template. Every Site field will have a designated Template Tag which can be added to the Template. These can be found in the Settings > Template Tags > Sites For more information on Template Tag please visit Template Tags page.

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