Using Gold-Vision

The Basics

Mail Tracking

How to track emails in Gold-Vision

Emails are tracked in Gold-Vision if any of the conditions below are met:

  1. Where a Contact has an email address – emails to and from this Contact will be tracked into Gold-Vision.
  2.  By adding an email domain against an Account – emails to and from other people at the organisation will also track into Gold-Vision where no contact exists
Email domains are entered on the Account Details screen:


More than one email domain can be added for an Account by separating with a comma as shown above.

Send an Email from Gold-Vision

There are different options to send emails from Gold-Vision:

  1. 1. Click on the contact’s email address – this will open a new Outlook email with the email address predefined

2. From the Actions Menu against the Gold-Vision record select Email Option 

Primary Email Actions

From the Email screen you can complete the following actions for that email record:

Reply/Reply to All/Forward: reply to all recipients in the email including CC and BCC. New Link: link the email to an item in Gold-Vision.    

Manually add an Email to Gold-Vision

Using Outlook Plug in users can manually add emails to Gold-Vision Items. Details on installing an using the Outlook Plug-in can be found here.

Search Emails

There are two option to search emails in Gold-Vision

  1. In the Correspondence Section
If the Correspondence section has been screen designed against an item users can search emails
2. In the global Search Email List

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