Using Gold-Vision

The Basics

Managing Duplicate Data

There are several ways to keep your data clean in Gold-Vision.

Click to watch our web clip to see how to manage duplicate data:

Duplicate Checking

When adding or amending an Account or Contact, Gold-Vision can run a duplicate check.


Your administrator can configure this in the Screen Designer for Accounts and Contacts, by selecting the fields to de-dupe.

To do this go to Settings – open Account or Contact – locate the field – click the Ellipsis Icon – select Configure – click on the Advanced tab – set the De-Duping checks on new and/or existing items.

Duplicate Report

You can run a Report to identify duplicate Accounts and Contacts.

Merging Accounts And Contacts

Duplicate Accounts and Contacts can be merged in the Settings area

For more information please click here.


You will need to be an Admin to complete this task.

Re-Assigning A Contact To A Different Account

Contacts can easily be moved from one Account to another. 

Make Contacts Dormant

You may want to make a Contact dormant rather than deleting them, this can be done from the Actions menu.


Tip: Dormant contacts can be made live again, by going to the Contacts list and opening the dormant contact.

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