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Campaign activities

To keep an eye on the performance and progress of your campaign, you can use Campaign Activities that are created when a Campaign is run. You can view the progress of your campaign activities in a couple of places. The campaign stage

Managing Activities

The Activity main menu enables users to perform different actions to the Activity record

Creating Activities & Reminders

Activities can be used to store details on past or future actions related to Accounts such as arranging meetings, making phone calls or recording issues. Also these can be used to record tasks that relate to a specific Contact, Opportunity, Project, or Campaign. Create Activities from New Menu Go to New Menu than select the…

Managing Projects

Users can plan and manager their Projects in Gold-Vision with simple resource allocation, correspondence tracking and powerful reporting. Create Activities/Tasks for a Projects Project Activities can be useful to manage follow up actions.  Activities can be created manually or workflows can be setup. To create a new Project Activity click the Plus Icon against your Project and…

Introduction to Projects

Gold-Vision fully integrated Project Management module offers a central platform where users can manage the complexities of a project combined with Account, Contact and Sales information that already exists in your CRM into simpler to manage section. Projects can be managed between their start and end date with Activities representing each milestone, which have a…

Using The Flows View

The Flows view allows users to see data (for example Projects) in a view showing cards with 'swimming lanes'. Cards can be dragged and dropped in to different lanes.

Your To Do & Alerts List

Your To-Do list This shows your Activities when the start date is reached (and they've not been completed). Users can open activities from the To Do list complete them or view all activities from the Action Centre.