Using Gold-Vision

The Basics

Creating A Document

Gold-Vision can generate Word documents from almost any item by using predefined Word Templates (.dot) files.

Templates are also used when running letter-based mail campaigns.

The template file may contain Gold-Vision “tags”, which are substituted with the corresponding item data .

Create a Document from Template 

By clicking on the Template Icon, the Generate Document Screen will appear.

Here you will be able to select a template and either Save to File, Download, Send as Email or Attach to Email: 

File Format

Choose from Portable Document Format (.pdf) or Word Document (.docx)

Output Options

Save to File 

The document will be saved on the Gold-Vision Document Storage.

Using Chrome:

  • Click to copy the path and paste it into Windows explorer – this will open the document
  • Make changes to the document and save it.

Using IE or Edge

  • Click Open/ Edit Document
  • Make changes to the document and save it.


Tip: Documents generated on a Contact record will save in the Documents section of the Account.


If the user chooses Download option a copy of the document will then be downloaded to the local machine.

Send as Email

If the user chooses Send as Email option a copy of the document’s content will be sent as the body of the email to either the item’s contact or a specific email address.

Attach to an Email

When the Attach to an Email option is selected a copy of the document will be sent as an attachment to either the item’s contact or a specific email address.

eSign Document

Click to find out more about sending documents for online signatures via Adobe or DocuSign.


Viewing Documents

Documents can be viewed in the Documents section against an item.


If the Document section is not displayed this will have to be Screen Designed from the Settings area.

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