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Linking Items

Linking Items

Sometimes it is useful to show relationships between items in Gold-Vision.

For example a Contact maybe employed by one organisation, but they are working as a contractor for another or another Account in Gold-Vision might be a Head office and other Accounts might be Regional Offices.

Links can be created from all Gold-Vision records using the Link icon.

You can select the item you want to link and then specify the relationship between the items.


Tip: If you have linked contacts to an Account/Project/Opportunity/Activity – these linked contacts can be included for emailing from that item by selecting Member from the Email area within Actions.

Use the Select button on a list to select multiple items from a list to link.  For instance you may have multiple Group Companies that you would like to Link to a Parent Account.


Links or Relationships are set up in the Settings area in the Drop Down section or in you can open Settings select Screen Designer – open a record select the Actions icon then Configure Relationship Drop Options. You need to be an Admin to complete these tasks.

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