Using Gold-Vision

The Basics

Introduction to Sites

What are Sites?

Sites have been introduced as standard functionality in Gold-Vision to offer the ability to use and assign multiple addresses to different Gold-Vision items like:







Activity (Account, Contact, Opportunity & Project)



Event Session

The address details for Gold-Vision records are now held in the Site record. Users can now create multiple Sites (addresses / locations) for Accounts or Contacts and these can be assigned independently to different records as listed above.   The Site object represents a location/ address attributed to an Account record and they enable the other Gold-Vision records to be defined by an independent location. You can use sites to select a particular billing address for a Quote or select a more accurate address for a Contact.

What are the Benefits of Sites?

Sites allow independent addresses to be linked to Gold-Vision items this allows the user to record multiple primary, business and billing addresses and refer to them periodically.

Do I have to use Sites ?

Sites are available to all users in Gold-Vision 8. You don’t have to use Sites if you don’t require this functionality, but the way users update and change Account and Contact addresses has changed, to find our more visit Editing Account and Contact Addresses. 

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