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Data bridge import

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Data Bridge

Data Bridge for Gold-Vision CRM Enable automated importing of sets of data into Gold-Vision, to create and/or update records. The Data Bridge allows imports of multiple data sets from different sources, with varying levels of complexity, into all core areas of the system, including the ability to trigger alerts and workflow from the incoming data

How to prepare your data for importing

How to prepare your data for importing on Gold-Vision 8.

How to download the data import tool

How to download the Data Import Tool

How to Import data

A walk through guide into how to upload data into Gold-Vision.

Preparing your data

Data Type What to do Does your data contain dates? Dates should be in the format YYYY/MM/DD 2019/12/01 (DD/MM/YYYY also works, but the above is the preferred format)  Address Fields Ensure address fields are not all in one cell with carriage returns, they should be in individual fields eg Address 1, Address 2, Address 3.…

Monitor And Manage Privacy Data

The Privacy Dashboard will help you as an Administrator to manage Privacy Rules and Actions.

Downloading the Data Import Tool

The Data Import tool enables the Gold-Vision Administrator to import large amounts of data into Gold-Vision. You will need to have access to Settings → Lead Management settings to download the Data Import tool. Download the Data Import Tool Settings → Lead Management Settings → click the link to download. This short clip shows how to download the…

Import TPS (Telephone Preference Service ) Data

In Gold-Vision Administrator users can import a of phone numbers that are included on the Telephone Preference Service. This will will prevent users to make phone contact and also to dial out via Gold-Vision Phone integration to numbers that are included on the TPS list. How to import the TPS file Once you have the list…

How Do I Export Data?

You may wish to export data from Gold-Vision, for example to produce a monthly sales report to review with your sales team, this can be done by creating a report, adding any additional fields you need and then exporting the data to CSV. Export Data using Reports Filter your data (see 'Viewing and Searching Lists'),…