Changing The Screen Design

The Screen Designer allows you to add, remove and configure, fields, sections and pages on most item screens.

Configuring Fields

Fields can be configured to suit your business requirements. Fields can be made mandatory, set for de-duplicating, you can determine which user/team the field should be visible to, which fields are sensitive/personal (for use with GDPR settings – see ‘Using GDPR in Gold-Vision‘). You can configure Drop Down options (see ‘Amending Drop Options‘) and create Highlight Rules.

Setting Fields Defaults

Defaults can be set for certain fields in the system (Text, Numeric and Checkboxes) through the screen design tool.  Doing so will allow systems to be configured with certain options pre-filled by default (for example whether to default contact preferences “on” or “off”).
Watch our web clip to see how to add and configure fields:


Tip: The Screen Designer is drag and drop, all fields and sections can be easily moved to different places.

Add Field Group

Field groups can be used to segment data on a screen.

Watch our web clip to see how to add field groups:

Add New Pages

New pages can be added and deleted from Items and pages can be configured and reordered.

Watch our web clip to see how to add pages:

Adding Sections

There are a number of options for adding sections.  You may not see all options if you are not running the latest version of Gold-Vision.

Watch our web clip to see how to add sections:

Resizing Sections

You can click on the bottom right hand corner of any section to display the arrow keys then click and drag to resize.


Tip: We recommend large screen sections with multiple fields are split into sections using field groups to improve visibility.

Set Team Visibility And Rules

Pages and Sections can be configured, to only be visible to specific teams and users.


Tip: You can set rules so that specific areas will only show when certain fields are set to specific requirements, for example: Sales Info Section will only show when the Account Type is set to Customer.

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