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The main benefit of using the ‘advanced’ mode of template tags rather than the ‘standard’ mode is that when using ‘advanced’ mode it is possible to reference fields from various associated areas. For example if you setup a template against a Quote it would be possible to pull fields from the following areas: account, contact, opportunity. Using the ‘normal’ mode of template tags would not permit this. Please note – All of the templates in the system either need to formatted to be set to ‘normal’ mode or advanced ‘mode’ there is not a hybrid mode that permits both types. E.g. if you enabled advanced mode any existing templates will need to be amended to the advanced mode template tag format and vice versa.

Creating Templates – Advanced Mode

For example: to create a quote template. If you want to pull information from the quote object you can copy and paste the template tags that are held in the following area in to your template document: settings -> template tags For example, this template text

could be used to create the following


Use collapse tags to ensure that unpopulated fields are not left black, you need to make sure each tag is on a separate line within a table as shown above, borders can then be hidden from the table 

Template Tags for other Gold-Vision records

If you would like to pull information from other associated areas e.g. account, contact, opportunity the you will need to manually type these out in the following format: {{AC_ID>>ACCOUNT:summary}}

What is shown in Red is ID field for the object e.g.

Account = AC_ID

Contact = ACC_ID

Project – PJ_ID

Opportunity = OP_ID

Quote = OPQ_ID

Account Activity = ACA_ID

Contact Activity = ACCA_ID

Project Activity = PJA_ID

Opportunity Activity = OPA_ID


Gold – Object name e.g.

Account = ACCOUNT

Contact = CONTACT

Project = PROJECT

Opportunity = OPPORTUNITY

Quote = QUOTE

Account Activity = ACCOUNTACTIVITY

Contact Activity = CONTACTACTIVITY

Project Activity = PROJECTACTIVITY

Opportunity Activity = OPPORTUNITYACTIVITY

What is shown in Blue is name of the field you are referencing.

Field names can be obtained from Gold-Vision: tools -> administration -> documents -> template tags Excluding the {{ }} brackets


Advanced Template Tags Example

For example, this template text

could be used to create the following:

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