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Edit Account and Contact Addresses

Account and Contact address details are held within the Site record. To edit an Account or Contact address details users will have to edit the Site record. From the Account or Contact record click Edit go to the Site field click the Edit button The site record will then be displayed and users can update…

Address Lookup

What is Address Lookup Address verification from Loqate is the most reliable way to capture accurate address data and ensure data quality in your systems. Increase business efficiency, reduce the cost of missed deliveries, and maximise conversions by integrating Loqate’s easy-to-use international address validation service with Gold-Vision. Address look-ups can be set-up as an automated link from…

Introduction to Sites

What are Sites? Sites have been introduced as standard functionality in Gold-Vision to offer the ability to use and assign multiple addresses to different Gold-Vision items like: Account Contact Opportunity Quote Project Profile Activity (Account, Contact, Opportunity & Project) Campaign Event Event Session The address details for Gold-Vision records are now held in the Site record.…

Creating & Editing Sites

By default when a new Account is created and the Primary Address is completed by the user, Gold-Vision will automatically create a Site record in the background.