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July 2022

Product Enhancements

Microsoft Dynamics Nav Integration Updates

The Microsoft Dynamics Nav Integration has been enhanced:

  • Import Microsoft Dynamics Nav Sales Quotes and Sales Orders into Gold-Vision.
  • These will appear in the transaction history list alongside Invoices and credit memos and filterable as document types for reporting.
  • The Sales Quote Lines and Sales Order Lines will also be available from the Transaction History Lines list.
  • View both the Transaction History list and Transaction History Lines data against relevant accounts, use the transaction history data to produce Account widgets and reporting.
  • The Frequency of imports is manageable from the Integration Settings menu.



Action Centre

  • New items created now show the record in the Recent menu within the Action Centre.
  • Lead call backs for claimed leads now appear in the ‘To Do’ List.
  • Reminders set from Notes are visible from Alerts.
  • ‘Ok All’ clears all Alerts.
  •  You can now see all of your Gold-Vision Alerts in a single list by clicking on ‘View All’.

Activities List

  • Filtered searches are retained when closing an activity that has been accessed from the activity list.


  •  Searching ‘0’ on a numeric field will now display results where the value is ‘0’ or ‘0.00’

Sales List

  • Issues with viewing the Sales List from the View menu is resolved.

Product Sales List

  • Products added to event bookings, marked as ‘Closed Won’ now appear in the Product Sales list, view menu.
  • When clicking on a cell in a Product Sales table widget, you will be presented with a filtered list of data.


  • Event bookings that are linked to Campaign Stages appear on the Bookings tab of the Campaign Stage.


  • The Booking ‘Owner’ has been included in the Booking for Events & Event Attendee List.
  • Booking State is now available as an optional column heading in the Event Attendee list.
  • Bookings for Event main list and sub list within the Events screen now shows more than 50 bookings.


  • On Save Alerts can be set to auto email the contact for an event attendee by a trigger from the event booking.
  • Quote On Save Alerts can now email the account or support manager of the account.
  • When you modify an alert in the ‘Configure Alerts’ screen, you can view the modified time in the list view.

Dashboards & Widgets

  • Total value in the opportunity list accessed from a chart widget now shows the total of the filtered list.
  • It is now possible to delete links from the links sub list accessed from a count widget.
  • Sum values in table widgets now showing as integers and not decimals.

Touch Points

  • Setting the view for a Touch Point sub list on an account record is now retained when saving the screen designer.


  • When selecting a template, two links are now no longer added to the parent item.
  • Setting Product ‘Quantity’ as an integer, this will now appear as an integer in your quote templates.

Data Bridge

  • You can include a tax code into the products object when using the Data Bridge import.
  • Resolved an issue with Attendee imports for Events and Bookings

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