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The Knowledge Hub – June 2023

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Introducing the Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is Gold-Vision’s brand new learning and development tool.

Accessible via the Help-Site homepage, the Knowledge Hub is a course-based resource designed to teach new and existing users how to use different areas of Gold-Vision.

Accessing the Knowledge Hub

For the first few course releases the Knowledge Hub will be open access. Simply click on the Knowledge Hub card at the top of the home page to access the course menu.

In a later update to the Knowledge Hub, the site will become gated in order to enhance the user experience. Additions will include personal profiles, course progression tracking and certification.

How does the Knowledge Hub work?

The Knowledge Hub follows a typical eLearning course model. Each course contains lessons, which are broken down into bitesize topics. Each topic explores a specific area or functionality in Gold-Vision through an explainer video and supporting transcript.

What’s coming next?

Whilst the Getting Started course is open to all, future courses will be only accessible via a login. This will make it possible for users to track their Knowledge Hub progress, take course quizzes and receive certification for achievements! Check out our product roadmap below for more information on what’s to come:

The addition of Knowledge Hub logins will allow users to track their course progress with a completion bar present at the top of every course, lesson and topic.

Each user will be able to create their own profile, which gives an overview of courses taken and progress made.

At the end of each course users will be able to test their knowledge by taking a short quiz.

Upon completing a quiz, and by getting a score of 80% or above, users will receive a certificate. These can be used to display what you have achieved, and listed on LinkedIn as new skills learnt.

New courses coming soon to the Knowledge Hub include Sales 101, Pro Project Management and Reporting & Dashboards.

New courses will be released on a regular basis, and will be announced in customer communications and via the Help-Site homepage.

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