Product News

June 2022

Product Enhancements

Loqate Email Validation

Increase your email delivery rates using Gold-Vision’s Loqate email validation integration.  The email validation can be used to verify email addresses against Contacts and Leads.

Gold-Vision will provide an icon display to indicate whether your Email address is valid or invalid.  Filter your lists to either clean the addresses or exclude them from your mailing.

Dashboard Improvements

The release includes improvements to sizing and design of dashboards and screens. Customers may see some changes in Dashboards due to sizing to incorporate the best fit, these can easily be amended to use preferred sizes of charts, widgets and lists.

Screen Designer

Our Screen Designer has been updated to provide more flexibility.

We recommend reviewing screen layouts to take advantage of this new functionality.   In particular it may be useful to review large screen sections with multiple fields groups to improve the user experience.


Events & Attendees

The Seminar Owner field is now filterable within the Bookings for Events List.


Adding a Note no longer makes the Parent Drop Option Settings disappear.


Editing Site Country no longer copies County value in to Country on save.

Funnel Charts are now visible when added to a dashboard.


Resolved an issue where Portal styles did not publish correctly.

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