Product News

March 2022

Product Enhancements

Web External Item Links

You can now Link external web pages, content, videos etc with a URL link into your Gold-Vision Dashboards.  This can be useful to keep reporting contained and accessible from within one place.

Multi-Select Link

We’ve updated the list experience, use our multi Link feature to create multiple links at the same time.

Homepage & Dashboards

We’ve added some key improvements to the user interface for dashboards including the ability to resize widgets and charts. Use F5 on your keyboard to refresh your dashboard.

Coming Soon new & enhanced features for Dashboard Management.


Minor Enhancements

  • New media type for Campaign Stage called “Dialler”
  • The document storage and gallery sections can be designed onto the Event Booking screen
  • The Forecast and Sales lists can be designed onto the Account screen as sublists
  • Event Sessions Attendees is now available in the top level view menu
  • The top level list of Sessions is available to be designed onto a seminar event as a sublist

Historical Touch Points

We’ve now included the ability to add Historical Touch Point charts against Leads, Contacts and Accounts to help track engagement in a report view.

Events & Attendees

  • The Sub Total is now visible for the Bookings for Events list for reporting
  • Seminar/Event fields now available for Attendee Word Document Templates
  • Booking fields such as Reference available for Global Search
  • Bookings Export List available from within an Event
  • Reporting and dashboards now available from the Attendees List
  • Attendee fields for Places Available and Booked, Reference and Updated Date are now visible for reporting
  • Reference for the Events list has been made available for inline edit
  • Event capacity check no longer includes deleted accounts when adding an event to a booking
  • Event Summary now visible against an Account Sub List to view Events


  • Promoting a lead will display a yellow status bar and provide a link to the Account created


  • Edit on Email objects have been re-enabled for Categories field

Lists & Screen Designer

  • You can now amend the Sub List type in Screen Designer to include Charts, Tables and Counts


  • Base Exchange Field enabled for more than 2 decimal places

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