Product News

February 2023


Email Tracking

  • There is a new option to set tracked emails to Private.

Account \ Event Bookings

  • In an Account you can click ‘+New’ button to add a new Event Booking.


  • New ‘Copy’ action, adds a new Product with the same values.

Xero Integration 

  • Event booking invoices now post into Xero.


  • When a contact is made dormant, confirmation is displayed with an option to Return to List or Close.

Quote List Designer 

  • In List Designer – Quotes you now have the option to select Opportunity User Defined Fields.

Action Centre


  • You can now view and drill down into pie charts with over 20 segments.


Homepage – Activities

  • You can open lead call backs from overdue activities on the Homepage.

Profile – Pin to Menu 

  • You can open a Profile, Select Actions, Pin to Menu.

Opportunities & Quotes

  • When adding custom line to a quote, the Sub Total value is immediately updated.
  • You can now confirm a bulk replace on Opportunities.

Prices Sub List

  • You can use the numeric filter ‘greater than’ to search for product prices.

Time Entry Widgets

  • Now display the time/units spent beyond the limit of time in Time Settings.


  • When creating a booking on an Event you can now book all to add attendees to a session.
  • You can run a bulk document generation from the Event Attendees list.
  • Bookings details are now displayed at the top of the Event Booking screen.


  • Campaigns now syncs to Gold-Vision Connect without an error.

Settings – List View

  • You can now update Field labels in the List view.

Reports & Dashboards

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