Product News

August 2022


Global Search

  • Filtered results in global search no longer show duplicate entries.

Homepage – Activities

  • You can now add a new note to an activity from the ‘activities due soon’ section on the Homepage.

Action Centre – To Do List 

  • It is now possible to pop out a lead to call back from the To Do List.
  • Activities in the To Do List now pop out.

Contacts – Multi Select

  • You can individually deselect records from a large selection.


  • Reply all recipients in the Correspondence section now matches outlook reply all behaviour.


  • From an Event you can create campaign sources from the Actions menu on Bookings or Attendees sub list.
  • Creating an event booking now populates the creator user account as the booking owner.
  • Event bookings list now only shows one booking even where the booking is for more than one Event.
  • Seminar Owner, Start Date and End Date now all appear with correct labels on the Bookings for Events list.


  • Account activities now display in the portal with details and fields activated in the screen designer.
  • You can now view notes included or excluded on the portal by filtering in the Notes list.

Xero Integration

  • User defined fields can be now be added in the Screen Designer onto Xero Transaction History & History Lines.


  • All Templates can be previewed before generation.

Logging Time

  • Overbooking time (e.g., 8h with a time entries day setting of 7h 30m in a day) now displays as 1d 30m.
  • When deleting time entries the Deletion confirmation box now appears in front of the time entry window.

Google Maps – Geo Code

  • User definable fields can now be Geo coded.

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