Data bridge import

Data Bridge for Gold-Vision CRM

Enable automated importing of sets of data into Gold-Vision, to create and/or update records.

The Data Bridge allows imports of multiple data sets from different sources, with varying levels of complexity, into all core areas of the system, including the ability to trigger alerts and workflow from the incoming data streams.

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.CSV and API imports

Data can be imported from either CSV files or via queries into another external API to pull data from different systems.

When implementing Data Bridge rules to created and/or update existing records can be setup based on various match keys. This ensures that only the data you require is imported into Gold-Vision.

Multiple data sources to multiple Gold-Vision objects

Data can come from multiple sources at the same time. The Data Bridge has been designed so that it can read specific data from different files and locations, with powerful lookup steps which can read large amounts of data but only look for specific, predefined data in mappings and then add to or update your Gold-Vision system.

One-off or automated Imports

Data Bridge jobs can run one-off jobs, or it can be scheduled and automated as required.
Job scheduling allows users to control when and what data is imported and keep it up to date, but always with full control to update or stop the jobs when required.
There is clear visibility of job statuses and access to logs to review any import issues.


Please note Data Bridge does not replace the Standard Import Tool for Gold-Vision.

Data Bridge Implementation

The setup of the Data Bridge can be complex and it requires expert services from our team.  We will review the specific data requirements with you and confirm a service quote to enable setup.  There is also an on-going subscription for the Data Bridge service including support & maintenance.


One-to-one exploration review with one of our Data Bridge experts, to ensure the Configuration matches your requirements.

Our Consultants will ensure the integrity of your Gold-Vision data is preserved and that there are no risks associated with the data imports into Gold-Vision.

Data & Process review

We will take the time to analyse each source of data and all files that need to be imported into Gold-Vision. We will also advise on best practices and ensure that even the most complex data sets will be imported exactly to your requirements.


Our Data Bridge experts will then configure the import jobs ensuring everything matches your requirements including trigger alerts and workflow from incoming data streams.

Test & Run

To ensure the integrity of your data is no compromised, sandbox environments may be supplied to ensure all Data Bridge imports are correct prior to any live data going in your Gold-Vision system.

Our team will then assist with enabling the Data Bridge imports on your live Gold-Vision CRM system.


Data Bridge integration is supported by our Customer Support experts who can assist with any Data Bridge queries or errors you might encounter along the way.


Do you have multiple sets of data that are floating around your business and you don’t know how to bring them together in one centralised location?

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