Using Gold-Vision

Projects & Time

Managing Projects

Users can plan and manager their Projects in Gold-Vision with simple resource allocation, correspondence tracking and powerful reporting.

Create Activities/Tasks for a Projects

Project Activities can be useful to manage follow up actions.  Activities can be created manually or workflows can be setup. To create a new Project Activity click the Plus Icon against your Project and select Project Activity:
To find out more about how to create Activities please visit Creating Activities & Reminders

Create Appointments for Projects/Project Activities

Appointments can be created from either the Project or from the Project Activities:
  • Create Appointments from the Project record

Click on the Plus icon against the Project and select Appointment :
  • Create Appointments from the Project Activity

Access the Project Activity required then click on the Plus icon and select Appointment:

To find out more about how to create and Manage Appointments please visit Creating Appointments

Project Stages and Types

Administrator users can configure the Project Status and Type drop fields to reflect:

  • the different statuses that your business has for its Projects
  • the different types of Projects that your business is running
Both fields can be configure using the Screen Designer. To find out more on how to configure this please visit Changing The Screen Design

Track Emails and Notes

Administrator user can screen design the Correspondence section on the Project screen design or the Project Activity screen design so that all communications related to each Project or Project Activity can be found in one place
Users can then
  • view each correspondence items
  • replaying to emails – to find out more about correspondence click here 
  • adding links to emails  – to find out more about links click here 
  • add notes  – to find out more about notes click here 

Add Documents to Projects

Administrator users can screen design the Document storage section on the Project. The Document storage section allows users to upload files like Excel or Word document against the Project record for easy access

To find our more about uploading documents to Gold-Vision please visit Viewing and Uploading Documents

Create Documents from Templates

Document Template functionality is available against Project and Project Activities.

This allows users to create personalised documents from each item containing the Project or Project activity information.

To create a document from template click on the template icon, select your template and generate the document. This will then be saved in the documents section against the Gold-Vision record.

To find out more about how to setup templates please visit Creating Templates & Template Tags Also to find out how to generate documents from templates please visit Creating A Document

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