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Email Templates For Alerting

Email Templates can be set within the Settings area. 

Personalise emails

Because Connect is fully integrated with Gold-Vision, you can use data from within your Gold-Vision database, such as First Name or Job Title, to personalise your emails with tags that will add a professional touch. Personalise Connect Templates To do this, double click on the text element that you would like to personalise:

How to send an email with Connect

So, you’ve followed all of the steps of setting up a Campaign, Campaign Stage and Sources and have Run your stage through to Connect – what’s next? Click the grid icon in the top right corner of your screen on Gold-Vision, then select Connect.

Email marketing introduction

Connect is Gold-Vision's integrated email marketing module, offering all the benefits of a professional high-volume email marketing application without the headaches of managing an extra database.

Connect email templates

To access Connect templates, click on the grid icon in Gold-Vision and then click Connect:

Overview (web, email, social)

You can view touch points by clicking on the View menu and then selecting Touch Points. You then have the option of filtering the view by All, My, or Team depending on your needs. There are 4 different types of touch points: Web, Email, Social, and Manual. Web Touch Points Web touch points will show you data captured through…

Drag & Drop email editor

If you have chosen to create a new mail shot template from scratch, or just want to make changes to an existing template, the Connect Drag & Drop editor makes this nice and simple. Creating a Drag & Drop Connect Template When you are in the editor you will see that you have a number…

Outlook Plugin Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble installing or viewing the Outlook plugin for Gold-Vision, please follow the guidance below.  If you are looking for information on how to download and setup the plugin itself please view the main Outlook Plugin page. Outlook Version and Compatibility Please ensure you are running one of the versions of Outlook listed below.…

SMTP Settings

In order to allow Gold-Vision to send emails a valid SMTP server is required. Gold-Vision sends emails as part of the Alerting module as well as for Note broadcasting. As an Administrators you can access the SMTP Settings within the Settings area.