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Note Alerts

This type of alert allows you to notify external and internal parties when a note is added to a particular item and/or where specific conditions are true.

An alert appears for the owner of the activity if this is internal.

You could create an alert to update a ‘Last Note Date’ against an Account to assist with account management processes.

When a note is added to the Account, the Last Note Date field is updated

Example 1 An example as to when note alerts could be used can be to notify the owners of the activities that there have been updates to. Like other alerts, the owners can be notified via an email that can be sent from Gold-Vision if there have been any changes to the activity respectively.   Example 2 You could be an account manager and want to stay up to date with all of the affairs of your account, notes may be added frequently based on calls and other interactions with the account. Setting up a note alert will notify you that whenever a note your account has been added.   Example 3 if you utilize contact activities for your customer support process, you can keep your customer service team up to date with all of the latest work in relation to the open tickets (activities) they have through note alerting. One agent may add finding/updates to an open ticket (activities) and note alerting can notify the owner of these updates

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