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Projects & Time

Introduction to Time

A feature which can be used for recording time against Gold-Vision records, useful for monitoring productivity of users when they are managing tasks.

Where can I use Time?

Time recordings are available in the following areas:

  • Account
  • Account Activity
  • Contact Activity
  • Opportunity
  • Opportunity Activity
  • Project
  • Project Activity

Time Features

Time feature has been designed to also allow users to record time against purchased services either Time or Units

For example

  • A Product could represent a day of time i.e. Junior Consultant, at £450 per day.
  • A Product Sale could record two quantities of that Product (i.e. 2 days Junior Consultant for £900).


  • A Product could represent 1 ticket, at £50.
  • A Product could record 100 quantities of that Product (i.e. 100 tickets for net £5,000).

Do I have to use Products?

If you are not using products the Simple Time Management will allow you to add an Estimated Time / Unit to a record and make call-offs.

What are the benefits?

You can easily view a summary of the purchased quantity, and quantity used for both time and units, which can be screen designed into any of the relevant objects.

The “Copy to Clipboard” feature available via List Stats allows you to quickly and easily create a Summary report for your customers and internal reporting.

You can also create Dashboards and Reports using the Time Entries Data Source and Time / Unit options.

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