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Configuring Time

To configure Time, Administrator users will have to define the working day hours in the Settings area and Screen Design the Time section onto the required Gold-Vision Records

This video will show you how to configure Time and below you have step by step instructions as well:

Setting up a Standard Working Day

The initial setup is quick and easy.  Go to Settings then search for Time to display the general Time Settings window:
Enter the number of hours in the Time in a day field. Select an Edit / Delete Mode option from  the following list
  • Creator Only
  • Creator Only – within 24 hours of creation
  • Creator Only – within 7 days of creation
  • All Users
  • Disabled
You can select round up or down to the nearest minute

How to Screen Design Time Section

Only Configuration and Administration Managers will have access to the Screen Designer. You may need to contact them for some assistance if you do not have access to this area.


The above fields can be added to the following items – Account, Account Activity, Contact Activity, Opportunity, Opportunity Activity, Project or Project Activity .

From Settings go to Screen Designer and select the record where you would like to view Time Section :

At the bottom of the Screen Designer select New Section and Add Time Section.

The New Time Section window will be displayed.

From here you can click on the Ellipsis Icon to select Configure.  

From here you can click on the Name to rename the section and tick Time Setting options to display Time and/ or Units Data.   

The Visibility allows you to select who can view this section.

Once the Section has been added to the Screen Design, you may also want to add fields on the Gold-Vision record screen to display Estimated Time  & Actual Time or Estimated Units & Actual Units. You can do this on an existing Field Section or you can create a new Field Section to display these. To add the field click on Add Field Button and select from Select a field Drop options the following :
  • Actual Time
  • Actual Units
  • Estimated Time
  • Estimated Units

Click on Add Field then save your Screen Design.

How To Screen Design Time Entries list 

Go to Settings and select Screen Designer select the record you want to add the Time Entries list to and then add a New List Section 

The new section will then appear at the bottom of the screen. Change the Section Header to Time Entries and save your Screen Design

Configuring Widgets

You can also configure Widgets in Screen Designer, click on the New Section and Select Add Overview

You can then click on the Create New Widget button then Select a Data Source of Time Entries and select the Widget Type of Count.

You can then select the Y-Axis – Number of Records – Count  and/ or Time Units Spent – Sum 


For more information please visit Configuring Your Screens 

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