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User Interface Settings (Notes & What’s Next)

Notes and What's Next can be found in UI Settings within the Settings area.Note EditingAs an Administrator you can set whether or not notes can be edited.

Creating & Using Notes

Notes can be created against any item within the Account and are used to record important Account related information. Create a Note

Note Alerts

This type of alert allows you to notify external and internal parties when a note is added to a particular item and/or where specific conditions are true.An alert appears for the owner of the activity if this is internal.

Managing Projects

Users can plan and manager their Projects in Gold-Vision with simple resource allocation, correspondence tracking and powerful reporting. Create Activities/Tasks for a Projects Project Activities can be useful to manage follow up actions.  Activities can be created manually or workflows can be setup. To create a new Project Activity click the Plus Icon against your Project and…

Using Account records

The Account main menu enables users to perform different actions to the Account record: 


The Correspondence section in Gold-Vision displays the all emails and notes items for quick visibility of all correspondence for specific Gold-Vision records. To view the Correspondence section on Gold-Vision records system Administrators have to configure the screen design to add the Correspondence section to the screen. For more information on how to configure this visit…