Using Gold-Vision


Sales Reports

Gold-Vision has built-in reporting which makes creating reports, charts and home pages simple for your sales reporting.

Create Sales Reports

Within various lists in the system you can create reports using the Actions Icon.
Reports can be edited and filters added as required. See Reporting for more information.  


Tip: Reports can be exported to Excel, Word and PDF file formats.

You can also create charts based on the Sales and Forecasts lists and Sales Target Charts based on predefined targets set by your Gold-Vision Administrator

Create Sales Charts & Dashboards

From the homepage you can create tabs from the Actions ribbon by selecting New Tab. Charts can be added to tabs.  You can create a Sales tab that displays sales information based on opportunities, quotes and product sales.
See creating Dashboards for more information  


Tip: Tabs can be shared with other users by selecting Share within the tab.

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