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Sales and Forecast Lists

There are dedicated Sales lists available, depending on User Access Options, on the View menu. The purpose of the lists is to allow for listing and reporting on the sales data that is currently held in multiple different areas of the system: Opportunities with and without Quotes, Quotes themselves and confirmed Seminar Bookings.  

Sales Lists

Shows a collaborative list of Opportunities, Quotes and Bookings that are Closed Won.


The list will default to the Actual Close date of This Year, remember to edit this if you need to create charts which include data from previous years.

Forecast Lists

As above by only Open items. Can be changed to show Open & Closed Won together. Note that this list also defaults to This Year

Product Sales Lists

Closed won Quotes and Seminar Bookings. Note that the list defaults those items closed in the last 30 days.


Note: Only Quotes that are Included in Opportunity are shown and Seminar Bookings that are Confirmed


Target Charts can be created from all of the above lists

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