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Managing Opportunities

Opportunities are where you manage the sales process.

Opportunities are typically potential sales or business development opportunities and provide a focus for notes, activities and related quotes.  

Opportunity Actions

Add Notes to an Opportunity

Notes can be created against an opportunity to record updates and conversations using the Note Icon.
Notes can be added to the opportunity record by clicking Note icon. Click here to find out more about Creating & Using Notes.  

Add Links to an Opportunity

Setting links and relationships between Opportunity records and other Gold-Vision items can be done by clicking the links icon. Click here to find out more about Links.   

Creating document templates from an Opportunity

Document templates can be created against Opportunities records from the Word icon. To find out more about how to create templates please visit our Creating A Document From A Template page.   

Creating new items for an Opportunity

Child items can be created for each opportunity record by clicking the Plus icon next to Action Menu
Please see related articles as below on how to create new items for Opportunities: Once an opportunity has been created, activities can be created to manage next actions e.g. follow-up phone calls. Once an opportunity has been created, appointments can be created

Further Opportunity Actions

Add Member to an Opportunity

Different Members can be added to opportunity records alongside their roles and relationships

Email from an Opportunity

Use this option if you would like to email the Opportunity Contact directly from Gold-Vision.

Print an Opportunity

Click Print if you would like to print the Opportunity details.  

Watch our web clip to see how to manage Opportunities:

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