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Gold-Vision harnesses the power or the Microsoft SQL Server® database by integrating the free SQL Reporting Services solution. Either choose from the wealth of pre-installed reports, or generate your own reports simply from any list view in Gold-Vision. Output the results into any of the popular formats (Excel, Word, PDF, XML, HTML, CSV etc.) for additional use or analysis. Depending on your installation, reports can be scheduled for automatic distribution. To have this set up or to discuss the options, contact your Account Manager. Gold-Vision contains a large number of Standard Reports that allow you to report on Accounts, Activities and Projects plus on your Sales Forecasts and History. You can also create your own User Defined Reports to run as and when you need them.

Create & Run a report

From the View Menu, select Reports → Standard

Click the report and select Run → click to view the report → view report

From the report you can:

Click on any item which is underlined to open up the associated Gold-Vision record, including Accounts, Quotes, Activities

If applicable the selectable options can be amended and the report updated by re-clicking View Report.

Export – Select a format eg word, CSV

Refresh – if changes to the selectable options have been made, click Refresh to update to information.



Standard reports can not be edited.

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