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Manage your Sales Team Introduction

Pipeline management

Set performance targets for your entire organisation, per team or per person. The Opportunities module provides a central hub for quotes and activities, allowing you to work more effectively Drill down with one click for full opportunity details: who’s involved, recent emails, where the opportunity came from and what’s happening next Click here to find out more.  

Mobile CRM

Sell, contact and manage your relationships on the go. Get access to your live CRM information on any device, including integrated data from operational systems Click here to find out more.  

Sales automation

Set reminders for key account management tasks (e.g. contract renewals) Automatically qualify out opportunities after a period of inactivity Create a series of activities for correct team members with defined due dates and follow up on the creation of new opportunities Click here to find out more.  

Team & data security management

Allow users to access accounts, opportunities or projects related to their role, whilst shielding other areas of CRM Remove/hide all references to unavailable/confidential data or system functionality Click here to find out more.  

Map your Sales

Use Google Mapping to view the location of Opportunities / Sales or Leads. Create routes and view items in a certain mile range. Click here to find out more.  

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