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Managing Quote Products

Once a quote has been created users can add products to the quote. Below are the different ways on how products can be added:


Before you add Products to your quote you will need to make sure that Products have been set up, click here to find out how.

Add Items Icon

Click on the Add Items Icon select the the required product then click add. Following this the product will be added to the quote. 

Product discount, price, tax and quantity can be modified at this stage or after it has been added to the quote

Plus Button

Go to the Quote Line section and click Plus button then select Product or Custom

When selecting Product option the same Pick Product list will be displayed where predefined products from your standard product list can be selected and added to the quote. 


Tip: The Custom Quote Items option. This is handy if you need to quote for a one off product that is not in your standard products list.

Managing Products 

Users can manage products using the menu on the Quote Lines section 

Select button

Enables users to to multi select products for editing or deletion

Re-order products button

Offers the ability to reorder products using drag and drop option or reorder by product field

Edit products

within the Quote Lines section using inline edit option

Update product details

on the same screen by selecting the product line item, make the relevant changes then click Save


Tip: If a product is no longer required on the quote this can be either deleted or made Optional by ticking the Optional tick box against the product. Optional products are not included in the quote totals or product sales if a quote has been closed won.

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