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Power searching allows users to filter lists with a range of searches such as:
ANDSearchExample: filtering Accounts with Industry set to Manufacturing AND in United Kingdom. Here you could filter using two different column headers.
ORSearchExample: filtering Accounts with Industry set to Manufacturing Or RetailTo achieve this you would use the ‘pipe’ symbol: |. For example, Manufacturing|Retail.
EXCEPT SearchExample: All Opportunities EXCEPT those with the Source field set to Partner Referral. To achieve this you would use the ! symbol. For example, !Partner referral.
BLANK FIELDExample: All contacts where there is no email address. For example, search for [null]
NOT BLANK FIELDSExample: All contacts where there is an email address. For example, use ‘ _’ in the search
EXCLUSION/ BLANK FIELDS (dropdowns)Example: Exclude all Accounts in Aviation BUT DO NOT EXCLUDE those not set. For example to exclude an industry but include those not set eg !aviation|[null]
EXACT MATCHExample: search for the region ‘South’ only and not ‘South West’ or ‘South East.’ To achieve this you would use ” “ or =. For example, “south”
EXCLUSIONExample – filtering out of all Accounts in London and Birmingham. For example, !London = excluding London. &&!Birmingham = and also excluding (&&!) Birmingham.
COMPLEX SEARCHESExample: s[ht] – returns any results where the data in the column begins ‘sh’ or ‘st’ or if you are searching for post code BB1 but don’t want BB10 – BB19 you would put BB1[ ]


Tip: Don’t forget about the search helpers at the top of most Gold-Vision lists for simple searching and filtering

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