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By using web tracking touch points in Gold-Vision you can identify when your leads visit important pages on your website. These may be specific product pages, your pricing page, or a set of pages that you’ve identified as key.

The best time to contact a lead is when they have already decided to spend time looking at your company. Imagine if your team could call and qualify new website visitors that visited your pricing page, just after they visited? It’s easy with Gold-Vision touch point alerting.


Required modules for automated lead capture: Marketing Automation, Lead Management, Touch Points, web tracking, alerting

How to set up Lead Capture

Step 1

Set up your web tracking touch points in the administration console and choose one or more specific pages that are of interest. Don’t forget to tick the box to create new Leads if they don’t already exist.

Step 2

Set up a new lead touch point alert in the administration console and set a ‘Raises Over’ score that will trigger the alert, eg. scores over 60. Set your specific page(s) using the touch point configurations options, and set the ‘Raises Over’ Touch Point score. Next, add an action. We’ve chosen to Raise an Alert in Gold-Vision for Sales Team UK, although you could do this by email if you prefer. The team that you assign this to could be whoever you want to take charge of the initial follow-up of hot leads.

What happens next?

When a lead visits the selected pages on your website and reaches a score of 60 or above, all Team A members will get a Gold-Vision alert, prompting them to follow-up/qualify the Lead.

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