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Run and re run a stage

Run a Stage

There are two ways to run your campaign stage

From the Campaign

In campaign view, click the play button:

From the Campaign Stage

Alternatively, you can go into your campaign stage overview and select the play icon at the top of the page:

Whichever way you choose to run your campaign stage, the same dialogue box will appear with 3 tick options:

  • Create follow up activities: automatically creates activities when the stage is run. Used for things such as phone follow-ups. For instance when sending an account management email you may want to create an activity for a follow-up call
  • Send to new recipients only: this is ticked by default. Very helpful when you want an email to send only to new customers rather than sending the same email to all of your customers multiple times
  • Refresh recipients before sending: this is also ticked by default. If your source is created before your mail shot is ready and changes are then made you can refresh before running the stage
Simply tick/untick the appropriate criteria and click start run. The status of your stage will change from Not Started/Pending to Complete. When complete, you will be able to see information about when the stage was run. You can then click on Runs to view the history and status of all previous runs.

Re-Run a Stage

A Gold-Vision Campaign Stage may be re-run multiple times. This allows you to just use one Campaign for, say the distribution of a standard newsletter, or for different phases of the same Campaign. Each time you run the stage a new mail shot is created in Connect. If you wish to send exactly the same mail shot simply copy the sent mail shot. This will apply the template and populate the same ‘from’ and ‘subject’ as the previously sent mail shot. You can find out more about sending Connect emails here.

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