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How to use follow up rules

Create Follow-up Rules

Upon creating a Follow-Up Stage, you can choose to add a Rule. Rules can be used in a number of scenarios, for example, if you want to send an email to all those recipients who clicked a link within the email:
In another scenario, you can use Rules to send another email to all recipients whose email addresses came back as a bounce:

Create Follow-up Actions

You can also create Follow Up Actions as part of your campaign stage:

When you Run the Campaign Stage this will automatically create activities for all recipients within the stage. The Activities will be created and distributed as requested, for instance to the Account Manager or to a team.


Where the Owner is set to a specific team, Gold-Vision will allocate the activities to individuals within the team equally

From the Activities created, a user can create either an Opportunity, Appointment or a Booking. The count of these created and the value is automatically linked to the Campaign and Campaign Stage. Alternatively, you can manually link any Opportunity, Appointment or Booking to a Campaign or Campaign Stage.

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