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Introduction to Marketing

Who is it aimed at? Gold-Vision Marketing users. What does it cover? This webinar has been designed to provide an ‘Introduction for Marketing Users’. We will explain how to create and run campaigns, email design, sending and reviewing campaigns along with follow up stages and Marketing Automation.

Marketing Settings

Marketing Settings can be accessed in the Settings area.

Marketing automation introduction

Marketing Automation enhances some of the standard Gold-Vision and additional module functionality and can be applied to the entire customer lifecycle. For instance, automated workflows can be used to remind customers that their annual subscription date is coming up or to run an automated re-engagement series for cold leads Ultimately, applying automation should free up time for your…

Email marketing introduction

Connect is Gold-Vision's integrated email marketing module, offering all the benefits of a professional high-volume email marketing application without the headaches of managing an extra database.

Welcome new customers

Hurrah! After capturing a lead and nurturing it up to the crucial purchase decision, you’ve won a new customer! Great news! So, that’s that for marketing automation, right? Wrong!Many Marketing Automation solutions position themselves as a ‘lead only’ tool. The main reason for this is they run inside their own product database, separate to CRM.…

Using Touch Points

Import Touch Points When a touch point is imported, Gold-Vision will see if the data matches any existing Account, Contact or Lead records.

Using Word Mail Merge

Word mail merge can be used to create a personalise Outlook email to a group of recipients using a campaign source You can either create a campaign source and export the recipients or you can create a quick campaign and, from the stage, export the valid recipients. Creating a Quick Campaign Filter your contacts, create…

Touch Points introduction

Touch points capture interactions that businesses and individuals have with your company and brand. Gold-Vision can score touch points in accordance to their importance to your business. You can combine Gold-Vision touch points with the lead management module to create a comprehensive marketing lead scoring system, resulting in fully qualified leads. Alerting can then assign these to sales…

Run and re run a stage

Run a Stage There are two ways to run your campaign stage From the Campaign In campaign view, click the play button:

Touch point automation

Use Touch Point Automation With touch point automation, you can automate your alerting based on touch points for any Gold-Vision account, contact or lead. You can then use this information to automatically create follow up activities for team members to make their next steps even easier. You can also use touch point automation to create…