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Lead capture

By using web tracking touch points in Gold-Vision you can identify when your leads visit important pages on your website. These may be specific product pages, your pricing page, or a set of pages that you’ve identified as key.The best time to contact a lead is when they have already decided to spend time looking…

Managing your Leads

Viewing LeadsAll Leads can be viewed from the View → Leads.You can also view Leads from specific Lead Lists. View  → Lead Lists.Select My Leads to view Leads that have been assigned to you or those you have claimed.You can quickly work through your leads using the forward and back buttons

Intro to Lead Management

With Gold-Vision’s Lead Management Tool you can capture, de-duplicate, score, qualify and allocate your leads with ease.  Use the tool to manage your leads separately from your main Gold-Vision data.  This is especially useful when you have data from multiple sources, for instance exhibitions, web leads and office enquiries.There are a number of options when…

Creating A Lead

Once your Lead List is created you can add Leads to it.

Create a Lead List

Before you can start to capture your leads you will need to create a Lead List to keep your leads in order. Create a Lead List Create a Lead List from the New Menu

Capture, Manage & Nurture Exhibition Leads

Lead lists can be created for various sources. In order to track lead conversion from specific sources it can be useful to setup multiple lists to capture where your leads have come from.Capturing your leads at an exhibition can make the process much simpler and efficient, especially as these can be captured on either mobile…