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Campaigns & Connect

Campaign stage types


Running a stage with the Media type set to Email (Connect) will upload the recipients to Gold-Vision Connect. From there you can design your email and send it.


You need to be a Connect user to be able to use this feature. Contact your account manager to find out more


To run an Outlook email campaign, rather than create a campaign stage, you instead create your source in Gold-Vision, then click Actions and Export Recipients to export to csv ready to upload to Microsoft Word for Mail Merge.


Using the Phone Media type for a campaign stage can be really helpful when it comes to things like a customer onboarding campaign.

Create and save your campaign stage, choosing Phone as the Media type. Next, create a follow-up action for the stage:

This process will create a call activity for the account manager for each recipient. These activities can be viewed against each Account/Contact record, in the main activities list, and against the stage:


Each recipient will need a valid phone number for this to work

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