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Using Touch Points

Import Touch Points

When a touch point is imported, Gold-Vision will see if the data matches any existing Account, Contact or Lead records.


The touch point screen will be blank if you have not yet configured Touch Points in the Administration Console. For help with this see your Gold-Vision Administrator

If it does, then Gold-Vision will automatically assign that touch point to the relevant record and it will then be visible in the associated account, contact or lead record.

Manually link Touch Points

Back in the touch points area, you have the option to manually link a touch point to a record or create a new record by clicking on the 3 dots at the right of the touch point and choosing the relevant option.

Some touch points will have arrows to click on which display further information. For example, web touch points show the pages visited underneath the arrow.

You can define your own touch point categories and associate a colour to each category.

You can find out how to set up your touch point scoring and define your categories in more detail here.

Historical Touch Point Reporting

Reporting is available for your Accounts and Leads to show historical Touch Point data.

See how Historical Touch Point Reports can be added to your Gold-Vision.

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