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With touch point automation, you can automate your alerting based on touch points for any Gold-Vision account, contact or lead. You can then use this information to automatically create follow up activities for team members to make their next steps even easier. You can also use touch point automation to create touch points from alerts.


Touch Point Automation is fully configured in the Administration console. Please contact your Gold-Vision Administrator for more information.

Benefits of Touch Point Automation

There are a number of ways that you can use automatic activities and alerts to make your life easier:
  • Automatically create a ‘Showed interest in new product’ Contact Activity when a Contact has read a particular blog and visited a new product page on your website. Alternatively, for leads, you can automatically create a call back
  • Send an automatic Alert to Account Managers when their Contacts tweet about your brand
  • Give a touch point Score when a new Opportunity of over £50,000 is created, or when a new Event Booking is created
  • When Leads reach a touch point Score of 50, for example, add them to your nurture Campaign Source. This ensures you are delivering relevant messages to specific targets at the right time
  • As part of your touch point Scoring strategy, decide when a Lead is fully qualified for your business, e.g. upon reaching a Score of 200. You can then automatically assign all Leads reaching a Score of 200 to one or more members of your team

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