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Using the Letter Media type for a campaign stage enables you to create and print individual, personalised letters to your contacts. Using Contact template tags, you can automatically add the address, salutation and a variety of user defined contact fields. 1. Set up 2. Create a template 3. Creating and running a letter campaign

Setup Letter Campaign

To set up Letter Campaigns and create templates you will need to have access to the templates folder. We suggest the following: Search for the “Gold-Vision” account and open the record, go to the Document section > Managed Linked Folders

Click Add a folder

You will need to copy the Temple Store path which can be found in Settings > Document and Template Storage, and paste in to the path field.

Create a template

Create a template using template tags which can be found in Settings > Template Tags> Contact Save as a Dotx file type Upload the template: In the documents area go the GV Templates folder > Letter > Contact. Click Upload the template or use the drag and drop option

Creating a letter Campaign

• Create Campaign stage > Select Media = Letter • Run the stage > select the Template > Start run

Go to the Action Centre > Click the Jobs icon > Click Download

Click Download a copy

Click to Open in Word

The Documents will open in Word, you can then print as required.


Make sure you save as a Dotx file in the Contact folder. 

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