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Using Word Mail Merge

Word mail merge can be used to create a personalise Outlook email to a group of recipients using a campaign source You can either create a campaign source and export the recipients or you can create a quick campaign and, from the stage, export the valid recipients.

Creating a Quick Campaign

  • Filter your contacts, create a quick campaign.
  • Open the campaign and click on the stage
  • From the Actions menu select ‘Export valid’
  • Save the CSV file > Close

Word Mail Merge

Now you can use Word Mail merge to create your Outlook email. Open Word and Select mailings Select the Step-by-step wizard.

Step 1

Select E-mail messages

Step 2

Starting the document Type the email message (or use a template or existing document)

Step 3

Select your recipients Browse to the saved CSV file

Step 4

Write your message, adding a greeting line to personalise if you wish

Step 5

Preview the email

Step 6

Complete the merge Select merge electronic mail. OK

The emails will be sent from your email address.

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