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Letter Campaigns

Using the Letter Media type for a campaign stage enables you to create and print individual, personalised letters to your contacts. Using Contact template tags, you can automatically add the address, salutation and a variety of user defined contact fields. 1. Set up 2. Create a template 3. Creating and running a letter campaign Setup…

Create a quick campaign

Campaigns are used to manage all of your marketing communications and campaigns in one place. The fastest way this can be achieved is by creating a quick campaign. You can create a quick campaign from any Gold-Vision or lead management list:

Create a new campaign

Create a New Campaign Open the New menu and click Campaign. Name your campaign, give it an owner and fill in all the relevant fields that you need. Please note all mandatory fields are highlighted in red. Once complete, click Save.

Create a campaign stage

Campaigns can be designed with one or multiple Stages, as complex or simple as your requirements. Stages define the medium you use to send your campaign (e.g. Connect Email, Phone, Letter), and you can choose your Recipient Source for each Stage. Creating a Campaign Stage When you’re in a campaign, click the plus sign and select Campaign stage.

Create a campaign source

Campaign Sources are flexible, reusable lists that can be created for use with Gold-Vision Connect, mail merges or to simply export the data to a CSV file.

Campaign stage types

Connect Running a stage with the Media type set to Email (Connect) will upload the recipients to Gold-Vision Connect. From there you can design your email and send it.

Campaign overview

  From your Campaign Overview, you can easily view: Won/Lost/Open Value Profit Activities Appointments Opportunities Bookings and their progress

Campaign Introduction

Marketing Campaigns can be designed with multiple stages for various media types and as complex or simple as your requirements need. The Campaigns functionality can be used from both standard Gold-Vision and Lead Management data. In Gold-Vision campaigns you can also build source lists for use with Outlook email, phone, letter, SMS, Gold-Vision Connect or…

Campaign activities

To keep an eye on the performance and progress of your campaign, you can use Campaign Activities that are created when a Campaign is run. You can view the progress of your campaign activities in a couple of places. The campaign stage

Automated Connect campaign

Create an Automated Connect Campaign Setting up a new Automated Connect Campaign always involves these steps: 1. Create one or more Automated Templates in Connect 2. Start the Mail Shot in Connect 3. Set up the automated Campaign in Gold-Vision 4. Run the Stage in Gold-Vision Create Automated Mail Shot Creating an automated mail shot…