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How to send an email with Connect

So, you’ve followed all of the steps of setting up a Campaign, Campaign Stage and Sources and have Run your stage through to Connect – what’s next? Click the grid icon in the top right corner of your screen on Gold-Vision, then select Connect.

Connect reporting

The Reporting tab on a Connect mail shot shows graphical information regarding the tracking data as well as detailed information regarding click-thrus, read dates and times.

Connect email templates

To access Connect templates, click on the grid icon in Gold-Vision and then click Connect:

Automated Connect campaign

Create an Automated Connect Campaign Setting up a new Automated Connect Campaign always involves these steps: 1. Create one or more Automated Templates in Connect 2. Start the Mail Shot in Connect 3. Set up the automated Campaign in Gold-Vision 4. Run the Stage in Gold-Vision Create Automated Mail Shot Creating an automated mail shot…

Preference centre

Managing Campaign Preferences - Connect Link Using Connect you can add a link to your template that will take contacts to the Preference Centre. From here, every contact can manage their Campaign Preferences, choosing what kind of emails they would or wouldn’t like to receive from you.

Personalise emails

Because Connect is fully integrated with Gold-Vision, you can use data from within your Gold-Vision database, such as First Name or Job Title, to personalise your emails with tags that will add a professional touch. Personalise Connect Templates To do this, double click on the text element that you would like to personalise:

Managing unsubscribes

Viewing Unsubscribers in Gold-Vision If a contact unsubscribes from a Gold-Vision Connect mail shot, then their Contact record will be automatically updated. You will notice on their contact record that Preference – Email has been unticked. This will make them an invalid recipient in future email campaigns.

Managing data privacy

Managing data since the introduction of legislation like GDPR and PIPEDA is something we all need to have under control, but rather than having to be a manual drain on resource, you can use automation to manage the heavy lifting. Automatically Managing Data Privacy Using Marketing Automation, you can set up a simple automated flow…

HTML templates

How to use the HTML template editor For those who would rather use the HTML editor to create templates, simply click New and then HTML Editor. This will then open a WYSIWYG tool with access to view and edit the Source code:

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics in Connect To enhance measurement of website traffic, Connect has the option to automatically include Google Analytics URL parameters in all links in an email. This can be turned on or off in Connect at the Send stage. We recommend leaving it on unless you specifically don’t want to track a particular…