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Product Settings

Product Settings can be accessed from the Settings area. As an Administrator you can amend the following:
Lock closed Opportunities for non-admin.Yes – when accessing a closed opportunity, only administrators will be presented with an Open menu option, allowing further editing. The purpose of this is to ensure that historical sales information may be protected – especially if commissions are involved.
Allow list price changes for non-adminYes – This allows users to change the list price prior to discount. No – only the price after discount may be altered by non-administrators, therefore ensuring that true discounts are measured.
Base Currency SymbolThe base currency of the system would tend to be the main operating currency of the business or group. Please note that each user can set up their own preferred currency, allowing them to view opportunities in their own currencies.
Base Currency ISO CodeSee Appendix B for a list of ISO Codes.
Line Item Precision RoundBy Unit – discount is applied before quaintly multiplication (default mode)
Round By Line – discount is applied by line item then rounded to two decimal places then multiplied by quantity.

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